Over 400,000 Independent Medical Assessments Completed

Over 20 Years Of Independent Medical Examinations

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Over 400,000 Independent Medical Assessments Completed

Our team’s depth of understanding ensures a thoughtful, tailored response to each request.

Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) provides quality medical assessments based on accurate medical opinion and fact presented in a legal context. We offer:

  • A panel of specialists and health professionals spanning all medical disciplines
  • A friendly, helpful team with over 20 years experience
  • A web based booking system that gives access to specialists’ availabilities 24/7
  • Industry leading quality assurance procedures
  • Report turnaround times that are catered to the specific needs of clients
  • Medical specialists who are well versed in the provision of IMEs
  • Assessments reviewed by our senior quality control team.
  • Conveniently located CBD consulting locations in all major cities and a large number of metropolitan and regional locations