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IMO allows you to book an appointment with any one of our medical specialists.

With hundreds of metropolitan and regional available time-slots throughout Australia – all accessible through this site.

Using a simplified version of the same search facility used by our dedicated team, you can quickly find an appointment time that suits your needs. By selecting a doctor (if you already have one in mind) or by choosing the required speciality, giving us a starting date and entering the claimant’s suburb or postcode – the system instantly gives you the best matching specialist.

The IMO online booking system has these key benefits:

  • Simple, easy to use search facility – you only need to enter three pieces of information to return matching specialist times
  • Direct access to our entire database of panel specialists’ availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Full disclosure of our fees for each appointment before the booking is completed.

At the completion of the booking, you are given a unique IMO reference number that can be used to track the appointment from booking to report.

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