Early Intervention Assessments and Reports

Early intervention assessments and reports are designed to help employers identify early warning signs and risk elements for incidents. Employers can then take steps to rectify or manage risks, and to assist employees before illness or injury occurs.

As such, early intervention assessments and reports can be used as a preventative tool. They enable organisations to eliminate or minimise illnesses, injuries, medical or sick leave, as well as claims for workers compensation.

An early intervention assessment can encompass:

  • Risk factors - Identification of physical and/or psychological risk factors in the workplace or employee’s role.
  • Assessment - Assessment after lodgement of workers compensation claim.
  • Recommendations - Specific recommendations for intervention, including psychological therapy, physiotherapy, and medical treatment.

Early intervention assessments and reports can include ergonomic assessments, as well as other work health and safety assessments. They can even involve a worksite visit.

Outcomes are reduced risk of injury or illness, minimisation of treatment and rehabilitation costs, better productivity, and shortened claims durations and costs. Other outcomes include safer work patterns and improved productivity for organisations.

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