Fitness for Work Assessments

Fitness for work assessments are designed to help employers match the demands of a role to the current functional capacity of employees. Oftentimes, these assessments are used to assess an injured employee’s earning capacity, either for workers compensation, personal injury, permanent impairment, or other related purposes. Sometimes these assessments are undertaken if there has been a change in the requirements of the role or the work environment.

IMO’s medical advisors can provide you and your organisation with objective, comprehensive, and highly detailed fitness for work assessments. Our doctors can work closely with you to ensure the assessment is tailored to the requirements of your business, and to fit the legal context in your state or territory.

A fitness for work assessment may include a physical summary (height and weight), a cardiovascular examination, respiratory and vision exams, and other specific medical exams relevant to the role. These other examinations may include audiometry, spirometry, work fitness assessments, and regulation-specific examinations (such as NSW Order 41, or commercial driver medicals).

The advisor may include recommendations for interventions, or certain restrictions or rectifications to be carried out before the employee can continue with their role.

IMO’s doctors can carry out your fitness for work assessment before or after the commencement of employment. The assessment can also be carried out if an injury, illness, or other health issue has been identified.

Outcomes can include reduced risk, better work health and safety, and an elimination of aggravating factors for the worker’s injury or illness. Employers can then be certain the employee can safely perform their role, whether the employee is recovering from illness or is new to the role.

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