Worksite Assessments

Worksite assessments, also known as workplace evaluations, are onsite assessments of an employee's pre-injury duties or suitable duties.

Worksite assessments can be carried out for a number of reasons. They can be necessary when preparing for workplace investigations, for meeting employer duties and obligations for work health and safety, and for the provision of independent opinions for personal injury claims.

Worksite assessments can also be carried out as a part of preventative or early intervention assessments and reports, and can be used to assist with the development of return-to-work plans.

Worksite assessments are used to identify the tasks and equipment used in the course of the employee’s role. A qualified professional will visit the site to observe, evaluate, and report on the physical and ergonomic elements of the role.

The information gathered by the medico-legal professional can be used for the following purposes:

  • Risk factors for health - The risk factors that are affecting, aggravating, or causing the employee’s health, or those that have contributed to injury or poor health.
  • Prevention and causes - What’s happening at the workplace and what can be done to improve and prevent work health and safety.
  • Strategies and intervention - Specific strategies for addressing health and safety issues, such as ergonomic advice and manual handling training.

IMO Services

In its history, IMO has provided over 400,000 medical assessments, prepared by a network of specialists with more than 5,000 years of accumulated specialised medical expertise across all disciplines. Our extensive experience makes us well placed to accurately assess your worksite for medico-legal compliance and reporting.

Our clients have access to one of the largest network of specialists and health professionals, who are located throughout key metropolitan and regional areas in the country. These professionals are available through a web-based booking system with 24-hour, 7 days a week access.

Our reputation for excellence is founded upon our leading-edge quality assurance procedures, and a friendly, professional team that’s always ready to assist you with your worksite assessments.

Each worksite assessment is prepared by one of our highly experienced independent experts, and our team has more than 20 years of experience servicing clients from all industries. Our network of health professionals span the full range of medical disciplines, so we can provide you with the best experts to assist with your worksite assessment.

Assessments are reviewed by our senior quality assessment team, so our clients have every confidence of the independence and accuracy of their worksite assessment.

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You can connect us by phone, fax, email, or post. One of the easiest ways to access our network of medical experts is through our online booking system. Browse our database by logging in online to gain immediate access to hundreds of time slots with medical professionals located in your region.

Our system enables you to find the right appointment time for you, and search for health care professionals or doctors by name, speciality, or locality/postcode. IMO’s 24-hour search facility is easy to use – just enter the information and we’ll provide you with a list of the best specialists and times for you.

The system will provide you with an exhaustive fee list, so you are aware of all costs before you book. Once you make a booking, you can continue tracking the booking until the appointment date.

Upon completion of the worksite assessment, our senior control team will carefully review your personalised assessment before forwarding it as a PDF document to your nominated email address. This eliminates the need for follow-up appointments, saving you on assessment costs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today with your query. To find out more about how IMO can help you with objective, thorough assessments, call us for more information. Our friendly team is always ready to assist with your questions and queries.

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