Join our panel of consultants

Due to an increase in demand IMO currently has opportunities for selected senior specialists to join our panel of consultants in a sessional capacity.

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Our consultants need only concentrate on examining the patient and dictating their report, whilst we attend to the necessary features of full service. Simultaneously, we provide important additional benefits to participating doctors.

These benefits include those that flow from the size of our organization, thus enabling our consultants to, for example, take time away from their practice whilst we maintain the client base, ensuring the continuation of referrals and a return to a full case load.

Individual consultants may be heavily reliant upon a small number of key clients. However, the structure of our organization protects against this contingency as we maintain a large number of key clients.

Individual integrity

This is most important to us. We will not prescribe a format, formula or an outcome for you. There is a contract between IMO and consultants (as required by law) but it is not a "lock-you-in" contract. You are the medical expert and we work diligently to maintain and enhance your professional reputation. Our expertise lies in service and marketing.

Shared responsibility

This is a philosophical cornerstone of our business. Together with our medical consultants we pursue a partnership, which seeks to increase the available opportunities and maximize the results. Our skills are different, but complementary thus providing a rewarding environment with a mutually satisfactory outcome.

Our panel of consultants is a body of caring and committed medical experts who enjoy their work at IMO where they are assisted by our staff who offer a high level of professional excellence.

Should you feel that our organization would enhance your professional endeavour and you would like to join the IMO panel of consultants then click here to register your interest.