Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCEs)

When an employee sustains an injury that may affect their work, it’s essential that a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is performed before they return to their pre-injury duties. This is necessary not only to ensure the safety of the injured worker, but also to protect employers from violating any applicable state regulations.

The FCE is a collection of tests designed to assess an employee’s overall ability to work, as well as their functional capacity for tasks they may need to perform when doing their duties.

Some features of the tests generally include:

  • Current medical concerns/recommendations from the acting GP
  • A discussion of the pre-injury duties performed
  • An outline of the tasks performed post-injury
  • A review of the employee’s medical history
  • Objective physical testing, including such things as carrying, lifting, pulling, pushing, squatting, kneeling, gripping, bending, standing, walking etc.

Functional Capacity Evaluations may also be performed prior to an applicant being offered employment, particularly if the job is physically demanding or requires the applicant being able to perform a specific task.

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