Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

A pre-employment medical examination can be useful when you, the employer, hires new staff, or if you have staff moving into new roles. A comprehensive pre-employment medical examination will help you manage risk by allowing you to determine whether a staff member can safely perform the demands of their new role.

A pre-employment medical examination will include a review of the staff member’s physical, functional, and psychological capacity. This review is carried out in the context of the role, organisation, and other environmental factors.

These medical examinations can encompass drug screening, spirometry, and audiometry. They can also include musculoskeletal assessments, visual screening, functional and dynamic tolerances assessment, and ergonomic workstation assessments.

IMO can tailor pre-employment assessments to the specific requirements of the organisation, the duties of the employee, and the legislative or policy context. Our detailed reports will cover everything relevant to the staff member’s ability to perform their new duties.

Potential outcomes include better employee-job fit, a safe work environment, lower risk, and better risk management. Additionally, employers will be able to fulfil their legal duties towards employees, as well as engage in improved workforce planning and management.

Pre-employment medical examinations can also be useful in the case of injury for comparison purposes.

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