Vocational Assessments

IMO’s extensive network of specialists can assist with vocational assessments, whether these are provided for general employability and function purposes or for section 40 (of the NSW Workers Compensation Act 1987) purposes. A report for section 40 (or your state/territory equivalent) purposes helps identify the functional and vocational potential of injured workers. This is primarily used to determine the employee’s ability to earn.

IMO is committed to medical integrity, and our reports are designed to exceed all medico-legal requirements. Our qualified experts, who come from all medical backgrounds, will review physical and psychological functions, the employee’s vocational skills, and the work options that would be reasonably available to the employee’s assessed ability.

Every vocational assessment will outline the employee’s transferrable skills, potential barriers to employments, job prospects, and likely employment status and earning capacity. We can provide a range of vocational assessment reports for personal injury cases and workers compensation claims.

IMO’s health care professionals have a long-established history of working with stakeholders and other parties to develop the best reporting products for specific purposes, legislation, and policies. These may be for purposes relating to loss of future earnings, section 40 (or state/territory equivalent), and total and permanent disability.

About IMO and its services

IMO is an industry leader with a 20-year track record for providing independent, accurate, and comprehensive medical assessments for clients in all sectors, both public and private. Our network has more than 5,000 combined years of specialised medical expertise, accumulated across all medical disciplines.

With every client, we offer exceptional turnaround times, a state-of-the-art online portal for order tracking and monitoring your case, and an Australia-wide network of doctors and health professionals.

We offer every client the same exceptional service, but we recognise that each report should be tailored to the unique requirements of the context and client. Our health care advisors are qualified and able to provide advice on cases ranging from whole person impairment to personal injury and permanent disability, as well as much more.

With IMO, you can be confident that your assessment and report is independent, objective, accurate, and comprehensive. Our advisors work closely with you to bring their experience, training, and clinical knowledge to your specific context.

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You can search for them by using our speciality search facility through our online portal, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find the right doctor by a range of search terms, including name, injury, speciality, and certification.

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